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Fargo Burns

now available in translation!!

Dr. Cicero Books is pleased to announce that Kos Kostmayer’s novel Fargo Burns has been translated into Arabic by the distinguished Syrian poet and translator Osama Esber, and has been published by Hotout Wasilayl in Amman, Jordan. This is indeed an honor. Osama Esber is known for his translations of works by Toni Morrison, Michael Ondaatje, Noam Chomsky, Raymond Carver, Nadine Gordimer, Alan Lightman, Terry Eagleton and Bertrand Russell, among others.

“Fargo Burns, the madly baffled, restless and beguiling subject of Kos Kostmayer’s compelling novel, bounces like a pinball between excess and sobriety—as do we, his unsettled readers. Kostmayer’s visceral account of one man’s quest for quiet normality is dark, tense, playful and deeply affecting.”

—Jim Crace / Author / Being Dead, Quarantine

An effective, tragic story of a decent man in a battle with the vicissitudes of life.

—Kirkus Review

“A playwright, poet, and screenwriter as well as novelist, Kostmayer, who is also influenced by his passion for jazz, delivers a virtuoso performance of language in Fargo Burns."

—Polly Dement / Author /Mississippi Entrepreneurs

"Rarely in literature does there appear someone as vitally alive as Fargo Burns, a character whose chaotically self-destructive actions and courting of danger and fragmenting psyche co-exist with — and, in a strange, odd way, complement — a desperate, yearnful groping for stability and sanity.”

—Patrick Reardon

"Kos Kostmayer is a master, and his novel Fargo Burns is a masterpiece. There is no other word for it. The entire novel is glorious, memorable, enthralling."

—Carey Harrison, Author of Justice and The Liskeard Quartet


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