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Fargo Burns

now available 

in translation!!

Dr. Cicero Books is pleased to announce that Kos Kostmayer’s novel Fargo Burns has been translated into Arabic by the distinguished Syrian poet and translator Osama Esber, and has been published by Hotout Wasilayl in Amman, Jordan. This is indeed an honor. Osama Esber is known for his translations of works by Toni Morrison, Michael Ondaatje, Noam Chomsky, Raymond Carver, Nadine Gordimer, Alan Lightman, Terry Eagleton and Bertrand Russell, among others.


Of Fargo Burns, Mr. Esber says:

“The novel was written in a very new style reflecting the influence of the author’s relationship to music, especially jazz and the blues. You feel the accelerating rhythm of the music, of the narrative and its poetic depths as it travels back and forth in time. The plurality of narrative voices enriches and expands the book’s reach and deepens its critique of U.S. politics, both past and present. Through this single novel you can read the whole culture of the United States. There is no doubt that Fargo Burns is a great novel and well worth translating into Arabic.”

Osama Esber also recently translated ten of Kostmayer’s poems into Arabic, which can be found in the January 2021 edition of Jadaliyya Magazine. Mr. Esber’s poetry has been widely published, and his collections include Screens Of History (1994); The Accord Of Waves (1995); Repeated Sunrise In Exile (2004), and Where He Doesn’t Live(2006). His collection of stories, A Café For Committing Suicide, was released in 2000.  


Kos is thrilled with the collaboration, adding:

 “It is a singular honor to have one’s work translated into Arabic by a poet and translator as gifted as Osama Esber, who is widely respected both for his creativity and his diligence.” 

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