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Cast of ON THE MONEY, Los Angeles, 2014

The Great Western Swamp ‣

“Three restaurant employees living lives of quiet desperation take matters into their own hands in Kos Kostmayer’s gripping play about money and the lengths we go to get it.”   (NOW MAGAZINE)

“The mythological world meets the modern world, forming a meditation on life, death and the nature of justice. The play uses the Greek myth of the murder of Clytemnestra by her son Orestes to question the origin of state sponsored violence and heroic warfare.”


“The play is based on the idea that two enamored people – before making love for the first time – talk about and experience their own vivid sexual histories, giving voice to parents, former lovers, husbands and wives, all of whom are fearfully, and often delightfully, present throughout. (BERLINER MORGANPOST)

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