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About Kos

Kos Kostmayer is a novelist, poet, and award-winning playwright. His novel Fargo Burns came out in 2020 from Dr. Cicero Books, which will publish his second novel, The Politics Of Nowhere, in the fall of 2021. Dr. Cicero Books plans to bring out two additional novels by Kos in 2022 and 2023. His plays have been seen in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Harare, Berlin, and a number of colleges and universities. He is the recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play, numerous Drama-Logue Awards, and the Otis L. Guernsey Prize from the Association of American Theater Critics. His poems and essays are forthcoming or have already appeared in Poetry Northwest, Jadaliyya, International Literary Quarterly, Chelsea, Commonweal, Monkey Bicycle, The Texas Observer, and elsewhere. His work has been translated into Arabic, German, and Swedish.


Fargo Burns is now available in Arabic from the publishing house Khutut Wa Zilal (Lines and Shadows) in Amman, Jordan, in a new translation by the distinguished Syrian translator and poet Osama Esber, who has also translated work by Toni Morrison, Michael Ondaatje, Naom Chomsky, Raymond Carver, Nadine Gordimer, Alan Lightman, Terry Eagleton, and Bertrand Russell, among others.


Kos recently completed two volumes of poetry, The Year The Future Disappeared and The Marriage Bed, and is currently working on a novel – his fifth. He is married to the artist Martha Ferris, and he and his wife divide their time between the Hudson River Valley and the Mississippi Delta.

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