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Coroner's Report

Out of the fascist Daddy lore we love
The mailed fist
The twisted cross
Out of the vicious clown’s parade
The white brigades of ignorance and fear
Out of the fury and the sorrow of the dispossessed
The wasted flavor of their days / It walks


Out of the broken schools and misery
The stupid laws and bigotry

The grim infested prison cells
Out of the ever-spreading plague
The deadly lies our leaders tell
The sight of lackeys on their knees

Out of the gangsters and the crooks
The desperate sex and mediocrity
Out of the slavery
Out of the whips
Out of the rise and fall of books / It walks


Out of the true and lovely music that we make

Out of the endless noise
The flood of drugs
The glut of hormones in their blood
Out of the endless list of dead and dying girls
The mayhem and the suicides
The reckless boys we cultivate

The first rebuke

The worst day yet
The ugly sneer
Out of the fear of failure and the fat / It walks


Out of the sad and beaten skin

The busted Dads

The empty room

The frightened child

The taste of smack

The black and white of daily life

Out of the fairy tales we tell ourselves
And practices we never preach / It walks


Out of the dead end churches

And the backward prayers
Out of the history we never read
The racist hymnals in our skin
The bloody legions on the loose

Out of the world of violent men
Out of the weak and craven need

Out of the water      Out of the air
Out of the cities and the hills

Out of the tedious mix of alcohol and pills / It walks


Out of the torture chambers we create
Out of the future that we fear
Out of the autocrats we dread
Out of the Nazi minions on the rise
Out of the violence that we preach

Out of the gunship dragons that we breed
To guard our sacred fantasies
It walks / It slaughters / And it feeds.

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